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San Dar Aung Win

(Operations Officer)

San Dar Aung was born on a sunny day in May 1994 in Taunggyi City, the capital of Southern Shan State. She joined her high school life in No.9, Basic High School, Shwe Nyaung, and passed the matriculation examination in 2011. This year San Dar joined the Technology University of Taunggyi in which specialized with Civil Engineering and also graduated Bachelor of Engineering in Civil degree from the university since 2017. She is one of certified Interior Designer from Novatek, Yangon since in 2018, and Structural Hand Calculation, from MMK Engineering Training Center and Auto CAD 2D,3D from Tun Family Engineering Training Center. Besides, San Dar participated as a volunteer in the Conference of the Asian Federation of Engineer 32, Myanmar Engineer Societies. She has also volunteered in teaching Interior Designer Course to students in Myanmar Engineer Societies, Taunggyi, Shan State, and General Structural Building Design Course to Students of Technology of University (Taunggyi). Before joining with CAN-Myanmar, San Dar involved as an incredible and active straight ally volunteer for the consultation of Myanmar LGBTQIA terminology and several local LGBTQIA movements.