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Min Thant Tin

(Program Officer)

Min Thant Tin was born in Mandalay to a middle-class Burmese Buddhist family in 1995. He passed his matriculation examination from No. 23 Basic Education High School, Mandalay in 2011. In the same year, he joined Yadanabon University in Mandalay in which he specialized in English. In 2017, he graduated Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in English from this university and continued his Master of Arts degree in English at the same university. While he was taking Master of English classes at Yadanabon University, he won a Scholarship from Universitas Airlangga located in Surabaya, Indonesia, where he moved there to study the Indonesian language as well as to pursue Master of Arts degree in Literature and Culture at Faculty of Humanities and graduated in 2020.

Throughout his university student life, he actively involved in many youth activities as well as eagerly participated in volunteering works both inside and outside the campus. He attended Human rights related trainings and workshops as well as Youth Empowerment and leadership trainings. Moreover, he was an award-winning student in English language skills competitions at Yadanabon University and represented the university in these competitions at Upper Myanmar level in different years. While studying at Yadanabon University, he was also sent to Japan to participate in JENESYS (Japan East Asia Network of Exchanges for Students and Youths) program with the theme of “Peace Building” in 2016 as a delegate of Myanmar altogether with students from different ASEAN countries, India and Timor Lestes. He was also a member of Students’ Union of Yadanabon University (Ya Ta ka Tha) in 2017.

Before he moved to Surabaya to pursue his Master’s Degree in Literature and culture, he used to work as a private English teacher to University Students since 2015. He also has an experience of working as a teaching assistant at Sovereign Myanmar English Class in 2017. Moreover, he has also volunteered in teaching English to students in promoted areas.

In his academic life, he has written many scholarly articles related to Contemporary culture, Gender and Sexuality, Cinematography, Cyberculture and border studies some of which have been either published in peer reviewed academic journals or presented in International conferences. He inspires liberalism as well as postmodernism and his thoughts are much influenced by Jacques Derrida, Benedict Anderson and Michel Foucault. He has acknowledged himself as a human rights defender and is now currently taking the position of program assistant officer at “Civil Authorize Negotiate Organization”.