Civil Authorize Negotiate Organization Myanmar (C.A.N-MYANMAR) is LGBTQIA people-led Local Non-Governmental Organization established in May 2011 in Mandalay for Myanmar Society in concern with Human Rights and other related rights. C.A.N Org has linked with human rights specialists, community leaders, and active, credible young people from Local and International. And then C.A.N is the second one-member organization of the International Lesbian and Gay Association World and Asia (ILGA World and Asia) since September 2015. In 2017, the Chairperson of the Board of Consultants of C.A.N-Myanmar became the elected board member of ILGA-Asia. Also initiative and a founding member organization of Election Observers Network Mandalay (E.O.N-M) since 2014 and Mandalay Civil Society Network collaboration with around 75 local CSOs since 2015. Also, C.A.N-Myanmar is currently a leading and founding member organization for the Colation of  LGBTQIA Organizations for the Electoral Sector in the Democratic Transition of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, which gradually developed a network called (CLOES-DTRUM) in early 2017. CAN-Myanmar is a registered local Non-Governmental Organization by the Ministry of Office of the Union Government of Myanmar: Temporary NO. (1, Domestic/1322).