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PRESS RELEASE of C.A.N-Myanmar submitted a shadow report to the United Nation’s 37th Session of Universal Periodic Review

Please kindly download Bi languages version statement PDF: CAN_UPR_Bilingual_Press Release

Date: August 27, 2020.


C.A.N-Myanmar submitted a shadow report to the United Nation’s 37th Session of Universal Periodic Review

Civil Authorize Negotiate Organization (C.A.N-Myanmar), one of the leading LGBTI rights organization in Myanmar – as of today, launched the submission of its shadow report to 37th Session of the United Nation’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Human Rights mechanism on the human rights situations of LGBTI persons in Myanmar. (Available here: https://can-myanmar.org/wp -content/uploads/2020/07/CAN_UPR.pdf )

“Myanmar is going to be reviewed in the third cycle of UPR in 2020. It received a total of 281 international recommendations in 2015; 2 of them were related to LGBTI issues but the government neither ‘accepted’ nor ‘noted’ those recommendations. With the aim of bringing the government’s and international communities’ attention to LGBTI human rights issues in Myanmar, we prepared LGBTI Human rights analysis report named “VOICES UNHEARD” and then this shadow report in collaboration with 17 other LGBTI organizations from Upper Myanmar region and the shadow report provides 10 comprehensive recommendations in general”, said the Program Director of C.A.N-Myanmar.

To produce the shadow report, C.A.N-Myanmar consulted with 17 LGBTI organizations in Myanmar and conducted a survey among 52 grass-root LGBTIs in 18 townships of Myanmar. Based on the findings of the survey, CAN-Myanmar produced a human rights situation analysis report called, “VOICES UNHEARD” (Available here : https:// can-myanmar.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Report.pdf ). Building on the following report, CAN-Myanmar prepared this shadow report which highlights 9 key areas where human rights abuses and violations occur :

  • ‘Domestic and Family violence’,
  • ‘Social affairs, services, and public functions sector’,
  • ‘Education sector’,
  • ‘Health Care sector’,
  • ‘Workplace and Employment Sector’,
  • ‘Religion and Belief sector’,
  • ‘Media and entertainment sector’,
  • ‘Government sector’ and
  • ‘Legal and justice Sector’.

Recommendations focus on improving promotion and protection of human rights for LGBTI persons in the abovementioned sectors by amending or repealing the vague discriminatory laws and developing and enacting anti-discrimination legislation by the government; and mainstreaming LGBTI human rights issues by the government, state-actors and non-state actors including national human rights institution and the civil society.

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