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Union of the Republic of Myanmar Peace Talk (with representatives from YOUTH policy planning) The LGBTQIAs contributions

“ As your excellency already spoke of what I’d like to say, that younger generations have been demoted to participate in the process of democratization of the country since the parents and families failed to deliver a thorough concept of “Rights and Responsibilities” to them. We need to shed a light on this in order to bring the true peace we are asking about. Another two cordial advices we’d like to propose is that we’d like to see further discussions like this with youth employees from governmental departments and national services as we once expected back in the days. Finally, to refer the statement that goes “Fair and Equal”, not only people like us (the LGBTQIAs; the transgender community), who are being different and discriminated by laws and affirmations, by the society, by the media and mainstream movie industry, but also people who are HIV-infected, the disabled, have been set aside as minority and prevented from undertaking a role as a citizen in the country’s political transformation. We, hereby, like to have a shout-out that in unity, although being numbered as minority, are ready to take part in any sector including “Peace and Politics”, whatever or however so for the society, and for the country.
Once the Laws that targeted towards suppressing LGBT people has been reconsiderably reprimanded, along with the characteristics misuse of discrimination towards people like us by the mainstream media,
We, representing the minorities, will confidentially form colorful aspects from youths of the public, of the nation, of the defense and military systems and take part in any Peace and Development missions that the country shall need us for.”
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi(State Counsellor) : There are two ways of approaching to this matter. Incidents like this cannot be outnumbered to disappear by legalizing certain Laws and whatsoever to protect the minority. Discrimination can only be lessened when the knowledge of human quota, the value, speaking of one’s trustworthiness, is properly presented to the society. In order to do so, each and every one of us is responsible. Of course, the government plays the main role in undertaking such tasks in any way possible. For example, most importantly, “The Education”. How young people are taught into their age is pivotally vital. Here, I’d lke to add something since we’re talking.
Our land is cramped with trashes almost everywhere. I really don’t like it. A habit of picking up the trash is something a person could be taught since childhood probably by their parents and also teachers from schools. I see some people don’t even bother to pick the trash up if they see one, they would literally even step on in and walk over passed. The spirit of picking up the litters and putting into the nearest dustbin as a truthful citizen should have been applied there. Simplicity itself to say discrimination is not something we are born with or made, it’s what we are made by being taught in the way that leads to hatred and vulnerability through visionary or verbal sense during childhood. If the elders and teachers model as discriminators for the children, the younger generations would definitely grow into ones. Therefore, it’s a duty for the governmental authorities under educational sector, for the society to accept the difference, School and education where we teach and learn of appreciating another person is something we must approach first. Of cause each and individual family, in terms of social conventions, must take part and try the best in the whole process too.